Global NPC

Deafinitely Global is a B-BBEE, NPC, with over 1700 members across SA. We strive for the upliftment of the deaf community by helping members learn new skills, enabling them to be self-sufficient and sustainable in a hearing society. We also aim to build a bridge between the deaf and hearing communities by teaching sign language in schools, police stations, hospitals, and companies.

Our funding is directed towards implementing strategies that will help us achieve our goal, which currently includes building a skills development center. This center will teach our deaf members permaculture practices, promote deaf sports in SA, and train deaf teachers, among other initiatives. We have a range of products we are distributing. These products will not only teach the hearing sign language but also generate resources for the self-sustainability of SA’s deaf youth. Sign language is beneficial as a recognized language and form of communication, aiding in developing hand-eye coordination, speech development, and improving cognitive functions and memory.

The deaf are not disabled; they are differently abled. There is beauty in the silent community, and we strive to share that. We have a unique font of signs designed by deaf artist Simon Ndaba. By learning sign language, your company can expand its employees’ understanding of sign language. Deafinitely Global has a range of products that promote and teach sign language. These include coffee cups, posters, flash cards, puzzles, t-shirts, and coloring books. We would like to provide your company with these resources. Your employees can use them to learn sign language, enabling your company to cater to a new clientele.
In return, we encourage you to allocate 10% of your annual tax by utilizing Act 18 A and donating 10% to Deafinitely Global. Your donation will bring us closer to empowering our 1700 members through various projects, such as practicing permaculture, teaching sign language in schools, and building a skills development center. You can view these projects on our website.

By donating, your company will help create a world where the deaf community can stand on their own feet and play an integral role in society. This is OUR goal. To help them overcome these obstacles, we need your help. We are currently looking to print 5 million t-shirts. All funds received will be reinvested into Deafinitely Global. We aim to teach the deaf youth of SA new skills at our skill development center, including upholstery, catering, construction, beauty therapy, and much more.
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Empower your company through sign language training.