Deafinitely Global NPC initiative


“Say it in Sign” is a Deafinitely Global NPC initiative, created with the intention of motivating the community, both young and old, to empower themselves by learning sign language. This initiative will surely bridge the gap between deaf and hearing individuals within society. Deafinitely Global NPC collaborated with the talented Simon Ndaba, a South African deaf artist who contributed to uplifting his community by creating a unique sign language alphabetical font. From this, we developed a range of merchandise including an eight-piece syllabus coloring book range for schools, crèches, restaurants, and family gathering places. We also offer puzzles, posters, and flashcards. For the community, we encourage purchasing our SA campaign t-shirt. Our vision is to sell 5 million shirts within South Africa, each representing a hearing-impaired person in South Africa.

Companies are also welcome to spell their names with this unique font as custom t-shirts. We are fortunate to have the Act 18 A certificate from SARS, allowing any tax-paying individual or company to donate up to ten percent to Deafinitely Global, NPC, and deduct it from their annual year-end tax. The Act 18 A entitles a person or entity to donate not only cash but also goods to the value of ten percent of their annual tax. As an NPC, we rely on and value support from the community. We are open to collaboration, suggestions, and ideas to improve the lives of hearing-impaired individuals. We appreciate any contributions that assist us in achieving our goals. We’ve also created a game called “Finger Ninja,” where players spell words in sign language to see who spells them the fastest. Spelling words with your fingers is like finger-yoga. Similar to yoga, it is beneficial for developing language skills, improving memory, enhancing hand-eye coordination, and can even help with conditions like arthritis. We aim for this game to unite the deaf and hearing communities in a fun way.

Deafinitely Global NPC initiative


Being Deafinitely Global NPC’s main focus, self-sustainability among the hearing impaired is crucial. We have realized that the best way to ensure self-sustainability is by taking care of the land, which in return, takes care of us. Permaculture is a twelve-step process that ensures the self-sustainability of a piece of land. The “Hands and Seeds” vision is to train and teach a group of deaf individuals from the same area together, with the purpose of them returning to their communities to implement permaculture principles as a team. These principles include planting trees and vegetables, making compost, setting up irrigation systems, pruning trees, recycling, building with natural resources, caring for and feeding animals such as chickens, sheep, goats, and pigs, constructing bee boxes, beekeeping, and harvesting honey. This will allow a deaf person to meet their basic needs and also empower them as entrepreneurs, offering products and services to the community and businesses. When the property was purchased, it had no accommodation but had the right to build.

We would like to develop a training and accommodation facility here, but we require funds for that. We are reaching out to as many farmers in SA as possible to ensure the success of this project. Funds contributed towards the “Hands and Seeds” project will be used to purchase PPE, seeds, irrigation pipes, wood for bee boxes, and pay facilitators. Currently, Deafinitely Global NPC has a 14-hectare property outside of Robertson, with organic avocado trees, three vegetable gardens, and some livestock including goats (British Alpine, Boer Goat, and Saanen breeds), pigs, chickens, and sheep. African Compass has partnered with Deafinitely Global, starting the training of our first deaf student, Kayasani.

So far, everything has been successful. With this initiative, Deafinitely Global NPC and African Compass aim to provide organic products to companies and communities. This project will supply organic food to communities, empowering many deaf individuals. Currently, we have 1700 deaf members across SA, and we aim to provide them with a guaranteed means of self-sustainability. The deaf are often overlooked for job opportunities. By developing this initiative, we give our members the opportunity to be self-sustaining and to look after their families while uplifting the deaf community and SA as a whole.

Empower your company through sign language training.